Ballet session with Savanna

Armstrong logo2Photography had the pleasure of spending time with Savanna of the Draper Center for Dance Education yesterday afternoon!

IMG_8692 IMG_8706 IMG_8702 IMG_8696 IMG_8689 IMG_8687 IMG_8821 IMG_8820 IMG_8818 IMG_8817 IMG_8814 IMG_8812 IMG_8811 IMG_8810 IMG_8808 IMG_8806 IMG_8804 IMG_8797 IMG_8793 IMG_8788 IMG_8783 IMG_8781 IMG_8780 IMG_8779 IMG_8776 IMG_8774IMG_8707An interlude with Marley!

IMG_8770 IMG_8765 IMG_8743 IMG_8742 IMG_8731 IMG_8729 IMG_8728IMG_8718IMG_8726

We look forward to watching Savanna on her way to becoming a Prima Ballerina!

Please enjoy our photographs.

However, it is against the law to download and print the photographs contained on this website without the written permission of Armstrong Photography.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


Contact Armstrong Photography for more information about the services we offer to dance studios or for portrait information for your own ballerina!

315-521-1245 * *

Your kind words are always appreciated!

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