The Curtis Grandchildren

We halogo2d a great time with the Grandchildren of BeeJay and Neal Curtis.  The last time this family was able to have photographs done the youngest, Jonah was only a couple of months old!  That little boy is now 3.  We had a wonderful afternoon and perfect fall weather.  Hopefully Mama and Papa enjoy the photos we were able to capture.

IMG_9015 IMG_9119 IMG_9112 IMG_9109 IMG_9107 IMG_9105 IMG_9103 IMG_9098 IMG_9091 IMG_9080 IMG_9078 IMG_9077 IMG_9072 IMG_9068 IMG_9062IMG_9052 IMG_9034 IMG_9033 IMG_9031 IMG_9029 IMG_9027 IMG_9024 IMG_9021

Please enjoy our photographs.

However, it is against the law to download and print the photographs contained on this website without the written permission of Armstrong Photography.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


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