Dress Up Session

logo2It is so important to capture the moments of your little girl’s childhood before they become a faded memory.  We had a wonderful time this afternoon playing dress up with Savanna.  She wore her Grandma’s wedding dress, her Mom’s wedding dress, and her Aunt Mimi’s wedding dress.

IMG_8510 copyIMG_8544 copyIMG_8580 copy 2IMG_8529 copyIMG_8557 copyIMG_8579 copyIMG_8535 copyIMG_8533 copyIMG_8572 copyIMG_8568 copyIMG_8574 copyIMG_8576 copyIMG_8526 copyIMG_8549 copyIMG_8499 copyIMG_8540 copyIMG_8539 copyIMG_8545 copyIMG_8548 copyIMG_8562 copyIMG_8497 copyIMG_8553 copy

We hope you have enjoyed our photos.  Please remember that it is against the law to download or alter our photographs with the the written permission of Armstrong Photography.


315-521-1245 * marmstrongphotos@gmail.com * marmstrongphotos.com


Your kind words are always appreciated!

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