Tweenager Session with Savanna

logo2We had a wonderful afternoon with this lovely young lady.  We enjoyed capturing this short moment in the life of a tweenager.  This age is so fast, before you know it they are headed off to college.

IMG_8487 copyIMG_8488 copyIMG_8491 copyIMG_8492 copyIMG_8494 copyIMG_8496 copyIMG_8500 copyIMG_8502 copyIMG_8504 copyIMG_8508 copyIMG_8513 copyIMG_8515 copyIMG_8518 copyIMG_8521 copyIMG_8523 copyIMG_8524 copyIMG_8585 copyIMG_8589 copyIMG_8592 copyIMG_8597 copyIMG_8584 copyIMG_8583 copyIMG_8581 copy

We hope you enjoy our photos. Please remember that it is against the law to download or alter our photos without the written permission of Armstrong Photography.


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Your kind words are always appreciated!

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