Cap & Gown Sessions

High school graduation only comes along once in your life.  Cap and Gown sessions are a great way to commemorate this amazing achievement.

























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Lyons Junior-Senior Prom 2016


The scene was set for a beautiful evening.



The favors were laid out for the Prom-goers.


There were prizes to be awarded.



Excitement grew as the Prom-goers started arriving.


Some arrived in high style!


Alison Cook WM

Portrait time!

Alison Cook2 WMBrendan and Hallie WMChris C WMCrystal P WMdana and austin WMDonovan WMEthan Salerno WMIMG_9882IMG_9888Jordan and Alyssa WMJordan Hill WMKennedy WMShirley Romero WMMary and Tyler WMJordan Harris group WMMichaela and Jesse WMShawn Morris WMTrinity VanHale WMTravis and Alyssa WM

Then it was time to DANCE!




Congratulations on a great Prom Lyons Lions! We look forward to celebrating with you again next year!



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Mary Armstrong Senior Portrait Session

logo2Armstrong Photography could not be more proud of this senior.  Mary is an exceptional young lady that has overcome some incredible hurdles to get to where she is today.  She is an amazing kid with an amazing future ahead of her.  She has always been and will always be our MaryBear…

[000313] [000438] mary on a rock IMG_7353IMG_7357IMG_7368 IMG_7372IMG_7487nIMG_7819 IMG_7821IMG_7823IMG_7826 IMG_7828 IMG_7829IMG_7831 IMG_7833IMG_7834 IMG_7835IMG_7836 IMG_7837IMG_7851 IMG_7857IMG_7858
IMG_7860 IMG_7862 IMG_7866IMG_7867IMG_7870IMG_7871IMG_7876IMG_7895 IMG_7897IMG_7909 IMG_7916IMG_7926IMG_7932 IMG_7933IMG_7980 IMG_7988 IMG_8005IMG_8007IMG_8022 IMG_8024IMG_8028

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